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This is really fun, it actually made me laugh.

58K gang

69k gang

40k gang gang

wtf amazing

40 k bitches!!!!

31846 :( at least I got to 30K!

Nice idea, concept! Nice game! It is featured in my video! 

Take a look!

I can't find the linux version in the download folder

whoops, i didn't mean to add the linux icon by the download

I'll try linux build next update

oh god my brain

Damn this is cool!

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Fractals masterpiece ! Bravo !

I love this. Any chance you could tweak it to allow it to be played full-screen instead of in a browser window?

yep, will add full screen next update

There is a tricky thing though, when the resolution is increased, the line generation becomes more obvious and you can see it popping in more to the point where it doesn't feel as seamless.

But if I don't solve that problem, i will add full screen regardless.


Cool! My instinct is that filling more of my field of view would increase the intensity enough to be worth it, but if not we can always restore back to the browser window.

im confused on how exactly you play this game

just realized how and i now love it

haha thanks

el mejor juego que jugue en mi vida


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YEAH BOI I GOT 135560!!!!!!!!!

BUT THAT'S ROOKIE NUMBERS!! IT'S NOW omg lol it's 1234670! over a million.

ok now, this is just crazy it was lagging my game, but, now I am at H-score 2426643.

Very cool, just like everyone said, it's a simple concept, but executed perfectly. The sound of wind blowing past you is also enhancing the intensity a lot. Really cool!



This makes my brain hurt in the best way possible.

This is really good, there's something so creepy about it, great job

super neat, cool concept and execution

quite awesome, but all I can get to is 25k

rookie numbers I got 319875. The trick is to keep the end of one of the letters centered on the screen. any end of S for example

that's what i do, it's just that I am a noob right now

idk, sometimes it bugs out and becomes a straight line from that end

Yeah it definitely feel like im cheeing it at that point i only started messing with it which caused me to lose.

Not working for me for some reason

which browser? anything unusual about your comp?

I us the Brave Browser. It's a chromium based browser, and blocks ads. However I did try other browsers, none worked just a black screen.

Brave's 'shield' seems to block it. Disabling it worked for me. Also there may be a short loading period where it appears to be doing nothing.

Firefox seems to work best.

Also are you zoomed in the browser? I noticed that changing it from 100% made it go blank.

i love it

nice little game, managed to get close to 65k so far c:

This is really cool 0o0!

fucking awesome



This is incredible!!!

This is sooo cool.... i love how you were able to get such a fun game out of such a simple design!